Friday, September 10, 2010


There is something about a big family gathering like the baptism last week that makes me want to give my house a face lift. This is actually the after picture, I added this green table.

Here is a close-up.

The before. I found it at the thrift store. Nice heavy piece and the hardware was even still pretty good.

The top was pretty rough and had an unexplained hole. So I sanded it a bit. Didn't plug the hole though, too impatient. I just put the plant over it!

This is my new favorite discovery, especially since I seem to be a spray painting fool right now. How did I not buy one of these sooner? For less than $3 I can paint a piece of furniture and not feel like my arthritic great-grandmother afterward!


Circe said...

Love the table! Everything at your house is just right. The new pillows are great!!

Sarah Smiles said...

Very nice! Maybe the hole was for hiding a TV or lamp cord. Yes, nice pillows!

Davis Doings said...

You are amazing!!!

Camille said...

Cool. I love the color and I'm so glad to know about that nifty tool.