Saturday, September 11, 2010


There is something about having a party at our house that makes me want to add something new. It started with that green table and sort of kept going. Pillows were next. I have seen so many cute pillows on different blogs I have been dying to try. After a few late nights I now have these three to make me happy. Actually all three of these were inspired by Cluckclucksew. She has really great tutorials over there!

The Pretty Petal pillow
The patchwork flower pillow.

They all make me so happy!
Anyone remember when I used to have an etsy shop? With stuff in it? Well I am hoping to start getting it stocked again this month and I am thinking of putting some of these in it. Which one do you think I should start with?


Jennie said...

I vote for the pretty petal pillow. I loved it when I saw it at your house.

Allison said...

They are all lovely!!! And no I don't mind if you sell them..thanks for asking and happy pillow making! -Allison

Sarah Smiles said...

Lovely pillows!

Amanda said...

You amaze me woman!
My vote is the pretty petal! I want one!!!