Monday, September 13, 2010

Peach Days

The menfolk went to Peach Days this weekend. Lots of cars and just hanging with your granpa, what more could you ask for? Well, I guess getting to go to the show and still make it back in time to score a goal in your soccer game, which the awesome grandpa also attended

I mean, just look at all those cars!
Pretty sure it is cleaner under that hood than in my house.

Grandpa has an old Corvette so I am pretty sure a lot of time was spent in the 'Vette area.

Matthew told me about this one so it must have been pretty cool.
Dream on Grandpa!


Amanda said...

So cute! I had no idea there was a car show at Peach Days! We might have to send OUR boys next year!

Circe said...

Awesome! What a fun grandpa, too!

Davis Doings said...

Like Father, like Grandpa & Opa, like grandson. Must be in the genes! Looks really COOL!