Friday, January 14, 2011

The Return of Joe!

See that cute puppy on the right? Well his name is Joe and Joshua loves him. He is the puppy that went with us to Disneyworld and helped Josh be brave on all of the rides to help him be brave. He, along with "Ball Blanket," seen behind, helped us fly on the plane. We love him and he has been missing. I looked everywhere. I had donated a bunch of toys to the thrift store at Christmas but I knew I would never have donated Joe but where else could he be?
Witness Joe's happy return! Josh's best buddy Gage found him in their basement the other day and called to see if this could be him. We were so happy to have him back, especially when cute Gage made a big sacrifice returning him. See Joe is so lovable Gage had fallen in love with him too. There were even little tears when Gage returned him to Josh. Broke my heart! I am so grateful we have Joe back, but even more grateful for sweet friends whom I hope Josh has even longer that a favorite puppy!


Janice said...

So happy is was found!

Sarah Smiles said...

Those are the cutest puppies! I'm so glad he has been found and returned. Spencer keeps asking me if we can go to Josh's house.

Circe said...

Phew! I hate that feeling when you're pretty sure you gave away something you shouldn't have. Glad you didn't!