Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy 40th plus One!

My parents 40th wedding anniversary was last year. We all meant to plan something to commemorate it but it is on the 18th of December, not a slow time of year, and so somehow it just didn't happen. Well this year my mom decided it was going to happen. So she planned a fabulous family breakfast at The Grand Hotel to celebrate the one year anniversary of their 40th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately she then got the stomach flu days before. So we rescheduled it for the morning of New Year's Eve morning. It was such a great day! Here is the whole group. Good looking aren't we?

Waiting to be seated in the beautiful lobby.

After the wonderful breakfast we explored the whole gorgeous hotel. They have a beautiful new French bakery.
They have an amazing toy store too. Don't you think that Josh looks perfect in this adorable car with his suit and all?

I may have to make a crown like this to use for our family birthdays.

When everything is so pretty you can't help but make a collage of it all!
Pretty tablescapes everywhere!

It was a perfect morning, these cute kids had a great time in such a special place making special memories. Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma, for such a special day but especially for being such a great example of what marriage can and should be. Everything I know I learned from you!


Janice said...

I love the fancy stores in Grand America. It feels so fancy.

Anonymous said...

Great job Michelle, I love the pictures and the comments, you did a good job as usual. It truly was a great morning!!

vivian said...

looks like the perfect way to celebrate two people you love! You do have a beautiful family and that hotel is gorgeous!
have a happy day!

sws said...

I love the Grand America - what a fun place for a very special occasion. Your family is beautiful. And the pics make me miss Christmas already.

Circe said...

Your parents are wonderful. They were always so much fun! What a way to celebrate!