Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My friends Circe and Golda invited me to share a few favorites so here it goes:

1. Favorite piece of jewelry or hair accessory: Is it cheating to choose my whole rack of jewelry in my bathroom? I need variety, can't choose one! Oh, but I am loving my flat iron these days if that counts as a hair accessory.

2. Most important favorite thing: I really struggled with this one. Books rank really high but ultimately I went with the what-would-I-save-if-there-was-a-fire-test. I would probably say my laptop I got for Christmas. All of our pictures and loads of other important stuff is on there. Plus I love it.

3. Favorite Make-up: Covergirl Lash blast volume mascara in the orange tube-it is like magic!

4. Favorite article of clothing: Jeans with stretch in them

5. Favorite drink: I am trying to replace Diet Dr. Pepper with water but I'm not there yet.

6. Favorite smelly thing: My Sentsy melting pot when my house is stinky

7. Favorite food: Chocolate, always chocolate

They also asked Brittany for her favorites. Here are hers:

1. Favorite piece of jewelry or hair accessory: My tiny hair bows from Forever 21

2. Most important thing: Books!

3. Favorite Make-up:Lip gloss, it is all my mom will let me wear.

4.Favorite article of clothing: Slippers

5. Favorite drink:Hot Apple Cider

6. Favorite smelly thing:Black Raspberry Vanilla lotion I got for Christmas

7. Favorite food:Irish Cheddar Cheese


Circe said...

I love your lists! You both have good taste. Thanks for playing. I'm ordering Bitter and Sweet from the library now!

SSWS said...

covergirl lash blast? I had no idea, and Diet Dr. Pepper - didn't know that either. What a great list.