Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming!

I hosted lunch for my girlfriends this week so it motivated me to get my Valentine's Day decorations out. Of course that led to a few new creations. The new creations include this wreath and banner.

This wreath was based on the yarn wrapped wreaths I have seen around blogland.It was made by a straw wreath that I picked up at the thrift store. I wrapped some fuzzy, nubby yarn around it to disguise the bumpy texture then I added fabric flowers made from Valentine's Day related fabrics and leaves from a felted sweater. The wreath cost me $1.47 I think I got the yarn from the thrift store too and it was $1 and I had the fabric for the flowers. Total cost less than $2.50.

The banner was inspired by some I have seen in blogland too. The fabric probably cost me about $1, I bought more than I used in this project. The letters were $2 and a few pieces of scrapbook paper, about $1 worth. I had the ribbon it was built on and added too already. Total cost about $4. I am on a roll with the Valentine's day decorating, I may have gone too far. There is more to come!


Circe said...

Your house was a treasure box of goodies! I especially loved the wreath with its soft yarn and pretty flowers. Will Brittany sell me one of those!? :)

Camille said...

You've inspired me to get my Valentine's stuff out. I usually wait too long and then don't bother. I loved all those fabric flowers you made for the wreath. Super cute!

abeachcottage said...

Love the wreath very much. It looks gorgeous!