Tuesday, January 11, 2011

English Toffee

Making candy is a huge part of Christmas around here. My friend Mandi gave me a new recipe for English Toffee and I liked it a lot better than my old one. 1 Cup sugar
1 C butter or margarine
1/4 C water
1/2 package of semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 C chopped pecans or walnuts (optional- I leave them out)
Heat sugar, butter and water to boiling in a heavy saucepan, stirring constantly; reduce heat to medium. cook about 13 minutes, stirring constantly, to 300 degrees on candy thermometer. Immediately pour toffee onto a large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. If necessary, quickly spread mixture to 1/4 inch thickness. Sprinkle with chocolate chips; let stand about 1 minute or until chips are completely softened.

This was so good I may make it again for Valentine's Day!


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Sarah said...

Looks delicious! My husband has a serious sweet tooth, I will have to try this. I found your blog looking for Indiana Jones cake ideas...what fun!