Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Television

Over the Christmas holiday we watched a fair amount of television as a family. Family Movie night we call it. When the kids went back to school they were really bummed that we had to quit watching a show together in the evenings. I am not a huge fan of Prime time television. Lets just say there is a lot of garbage out there and my kids have enough vices without adding more. The little I can stand are longer shows than I want us hooked on close to bedtime. So I had a stroke of genius. There are a lot of old television shows available on netflix through our trusty Wii. A little searching and then perfection! The Dick Van Dyke Show! So every night since the kids have returned to school we have gathered at 7:30 to watch our show. I wondered if the kids would get the 40 year old humor, if they would be irritated by the lack of color in the show. Matthew did ask me why it was in black and white but there has sure been a lot of laughter at the old jokes. The best part is there are 5 seasons worth of shows for us to enjoy together!


sws said...

Great idea! I had a crush on Dick Van Dyke...maybe I still do...:)

vivian said...

You can probably get the old lucy shows too as well as soo many others. Gosh, we used to watch the brady bunch, the partridge family, that girl, eddies father, flipper, bewitched and so many good old shows. Youre a good mom!

Amanda said...

Awwwh I love Dick Van Dyke. I was once addicted to Mary Tyler Moore haha! That's a great idea...leave it to you lady!