Sunday, July 20, 2008

More really fun swaps!

I have had the best luck with swaps this summer! I have decided this is one of the best reasons to use google reader if you like to do swaps, I usually find out about these good ones after they are closed but I got in before they closed this time! Let me tell you absolute treasure appeared in my mailbox this last weekend.

First the vintage sheet swap that Elizabeth hosted. This girl really created an amazing swap! She had 2,314 fat quarters before she was finished! Can you imagine? I can't imagine the work she put in getting it all out to us. Well I was just thrilled with mine, can hardly wait to start using them. This is my favorite one, isn't is sweet. If I had this whole sheet I am sure I would wear it somehow!And this is my collection, great stuff isn't it?

Would you believe My Jewels of the Sea swap package showed up the same day? I can't believe the work Heather put into this one too. Lucky girl aren't I? This package was so amazing! Look how cute it was when I opened it.

The creations inside were so beautiful! My pictures just don't do them justice but I tried. I love them all and can hardly wait to wear and use them!

Thank you so much to Jenny, Jessica, Margo, Tonya, Kshutehnson, and Jullie! I love everything you made and so admire your talent and vision. I will truly enjoy every little piece!


Jenn said...

SUPER fun stuff!!!! yay for you:):)

love.boxes said...

Ooo.. love that fabric. :)