Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Update

Okay, so when William and I were both growing up Saturday was a day for getting things done, a Do-it day as my mom would say. You know, cleaning bathrooms, doing yard work, tackling some big project. They were often followed by some fun activity like a little shopping in my case, a barbecue in his. But still the idea was to accomplish something most Saturdays. Unfortunately this does not seem to be a trait either have us have hung onto. Especially since we came back from Utah and decided we need to enjoy where we live more there have been a real lack of Do-it days. But lots of fun adventures! So if you should decide to come visit us be sure and give 48 hours warning!
This Sunday update is really about yesterday, we didn't do much the rest of the week besides go to summer school (yeah!), play with friends, go bowling and just hang out. So I decided to show you some of the things I loved about my day yesterday.

Loved how much fun these faces had tromping around the rocky beach looking at tide pools.
Love this sad little face that is basically saying , "Come on Mom, enough with the camera! I have digging to get to!"
Loved fooling around with beach pictures in black and white. I don't know why but I love the beach in black and white, in color too of course.
Loved watching this kid try to out-run the waves.
Hated when she failed, you don't see a swim suit on do you? Use your imagination of what the next picture would have looked like had I not been yelling at her to get up and run.
Love the faces in color too. Especially when one is holding a starfish the same color as her shirt!
Love big brothers showing little brothers cool stuff like purple starfish

Love the nurseries on the way home where we usually find a treasure. Sometimes it is a cheap orchid for William, this time it was $5 a dozen roses in the prettiest pink.
And least you thing I am Pollyanna who always has a perfect day lets make a short list of the things that I didn't enjoy yesterday.
-Trying to figure out how to get soggy, sandy kids home with no change of clothes (they went home bottomless wrapped in towels!)
-The fact that the soggy/sandy kid problem was my own fault due to poor planning
-Cleaning sand off of every floor in my house all night-this one I really hate!
-Coming home to the dirty house we really should have spent the day cleaning
But having had my little gripe there I have to say it really was a great day, hope yours was fun too!
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Good N Crazy said...

Okay. Where the heck do you live?

Simply Stork said...

beautiful black and whites :o)

(and my kiddo's say the same thing to's hard to even get a shot of them at all :o)


Du Buh Du Designs said...

Let me forgot to bring a towel to the I miss the CA coast and wading in the tide pools..the wet jeans and sand that hurts to get off is another story.
I remember Saturdays as" get up, watch cartoons while mom makes pancakes and then lets go grocery shopping day". It was also"rake the yard day" as well. Sounds like we had a similar weekend growing up :)

Circe said...

That looks like the perfect day! I can't imagine anything worse than a childhood that doesn't involve buckets of sand and gallons of seawater. As long as there is gravity, there will be cleanup. So let's make more messes! I love your attitude!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!
I only dream of days like that.
I am glad W remembers all the work, too. We did a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, What a wonderful tribute to your "Uncle Bob". It tugged at my heart strings as I remembered all those good times also.

Aunt Diane