Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love my life!

Yesterday my kids had big long play dates. Lots of fun! But they got me thinking. Both kids have different family lives from mine. Brittany's friend's mom is a very brave lady who took her two girls and the one she was pregnant with and left an abusive husband. She just found out the house she rents is being foreclosed on and she has to find a new one by the end of the month. Matthew's friend's mom is also a single mom, she had him when she was really young. Both of these kids are terrific and so are their moms. But it made me think how much I love my life. I have these fantastic kids that I don't have to raise by myself. I get to stay home and play with them all day, although don't get me wrong, I am still loving summer school! Then I was looking at these fun pictures we took this weekend. How lucky am I that I get to have this much fun with my family?! Okay, I hate that my family is all in Utah and I am not, hate it often actually. But if I can't be there with them I do love being here with my little family. We went to San Francisco this weekend and had a ball. This cool old guy is always flying these giant kite at the harbor in Berkley and we had to see what he had flying Saturday on our way home. As you can see we were not disappointed!

My kids got to touch a stingray at the aquarium. We are having such a great time enjoying the benefits of living near the ocean. I loved when my kids went to Bear Lake this summer and I had to explain what it would look like using the ocean as an example. "Well, it is sort of like the ocean but a lot smaller". I love that! The ocean is what they are used to, lakes not so much. That is so cool to me!
There will probably never be another time in my life with views like this in it. I love this picture William took of Coit tower, especially because of that little flag waving near it. I love that I live in this amazing country.
Can you ever have too many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge? I don't think so. I was gray and misty, and it still looks beautiful. Me on the other hand, lets just say I don't wear the mist so well.
With these three and William I am definitely the luckiest of the lucky and I am so grateful today that I have my life! It is almost frightening to look around think I have absolutely everything I ever wanted!


Sugar Bear said...

Very well put. Your family is adorable and your kids are so lucky to have you and hubby in their lives!

The Motherboard said...

I find myself strangely jealous that you live in such a fantastic place.

Lucky. And blessed.

Good N Crazy said...

Oh geez. We're moving AWAY from Utah family now too. We already did the move far away thing, and now it's coming back. I wanted to leave the first time, but not this time...argh.

quiltdude said...

Oh, you've done it again, I've got tears rolling down my face.
How wonderful and refreshing to hear someone saying how good their life is and how they love it instead of all the negative things. You really are a blessing to your family even though they probably don't realise it.
x Clare

quitecontrary1977 said...

I have looked at other moms who are in more trying circumstances than I, and feel grateful for my family life. We're poor as could be, but we love each other, I get to stay at home right now and we're not a "broken home".Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings!

love.boxes said...

Those are awesome kites! And, you fixed your banner... it looks fabulous!

Circe said...

Your graatitude is inspiring. Aren't we lucky? The kite picture deserves to be blown up really big. It's fantastic!

Adriana Whitney said...

It is so refreshing to hear a grateful heart!
I want to give you an award, you are so sweet and inspiring, come to my blog to get it.
Adri :)

Simply Stork said...

yes, very well put...do you realize how many women hate their lives...It is an absolutely breath of fresh air to hear you say you love your life :o)

way to go :o)


sws said...

I love your life! You know I'd trade living in the Bay area...but I know what you mean about family. Wish we could have both. Enjoy! You may be back sooner than you think and you will miss the mist!

Maren said...

You loving your life makes me feel really grateful for mine!!!! We are so blessed aren't we? I feel blessed that you are my sister-in-law because I think the world of you!!!!