Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Potter!

When I used my google reader this morning they had a lovely little image of Peter rabbit being chased by Mr. MaGreggor. Eventually I just had to google Beatrix Potter to find out why, and it is her birthday today! Well I adore everything Beatrix Potter, who doesn't? My favorite character was Hunca Munca for the Tale of Two Bad Mice. I loved that story, I don't know if it was the dollhouse, the cute image of Hunca Munca with her babies tucked in their little cradle or the fact that she got to wear the doll's pretty dresses but I loved the whole thing!
So thank you Miss Potter and thank you for sharing all your furry little friends with us! Happy Birthday Miss Potter, you would be 142 and we still love you and your lovely friends!

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ittybittybirdy said...

lovely post!