Monday, March 16, 2009

Late Sunday Update

Last week was a fun week. This week we are not off to a good start, spent the morning with Josh at the doctor for an ear infection. So I am going to post this late, just to remind myself that we did have fun!
It was lovely, sunny and almost warm Friday. Josh didn't take a nap(the beginning of the ear infection I think) so after much begging and pleading from the kids we went off to the park.

Nothing makes a boy happier than pushing your truck through the sand.

Or jumping off of things while yelling, "Mom, take my picture!" Followed by "Are you going to put that on the blog?" Here you go son. Your jump is now famous.

Brittany was giving lessons on how to make the perfect sand meatball.

I love that all three of my kids can all have fun at the park. I can't help but wonder for how much longer.

Lots of reminders that Joshua is growing up fast. He had his first real dress-up session with the kids. Have you ever seen a more adorable Mr. Incredible? His dress-up team is pretty good at hamming it up for the camera too.

After bath time the other night Brittany tried to reclaim our baby by swaddling him. Looks a little nervous doesn't he?

So welcome Spring, lets have some more this week!


i cant sew said...

they looks so happy! hope the move has been pleasant and that the good time start now.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

You DID have fun! I'm jealous that you had sun. It shows up for an hour or so every morning long enough for me to think the meteorologists were wrong and then poof! gone.
I try to wrap Alex up every once in a while too...he loves it.
Great pictures!!

Janice said...

We had a great FHE playing croquet. I know what you mean.