Monday, March 16, 2009

We Love High School Musicals!

We do love High School musicals. And I don't necessarily mean the Disney series that is so popular, although we have enjoyed those too. No, I mean the Spring musicals that most High Schools are putting on this time of year. This is one of the things I missed while we lived in California. The local High Schools here in Utah, at least in my area, do fabulous productions. The kids are really talented and the folks helping with the productions must be too because the end result is just great

So last weekend we went to Showboat. I was torn between it and Peter Pan that the other local High School was doing. I probably should have taken them to Peter Pan but I felt so familiar with it I wanted to see something new. This is my absolute favorite way to expose my kids to theater and teach them how you behave at such an event. The tickets are usually down right cheap ($6 for the kids) so I don't feel so uptight about it being a perfect experience, and the crowd is usually pretty laid back so I don't worry about their behavior being perfect either. Although it was Saturday, they were great companions. Josh stayed home with Dad though. Now I want to call around and see what else is playing at the other local schools!


Janice said...

Oh that is a great idea. I need to start doing that with my kids.

craftydiane said...

It must be nice to hear such a good high school musical. My daughters have been in the musicals at our local high school for years. It is a night I dread! The lady who teaches the class waits until just a couple weeks before the production to actually start the kids rehearsing. The rest of the time they sit in class and watch musical videos! It blows my mind! Unless there are some funny scenes in the plays we just sit there and be bored for an hour or more! I talked to the lady in the office about it last year. I asked her if we would get our money back if it was as boring as the year before. I told her they really needed to check into getting a new teacher to teach that class. This year they are doing "The Sound of Music". Who knows what it will turn out like!
So enjoy being able to listen to good high school musicals!
Have a Blessed Day,

Circe said...

I'll go with you to Golda's Music Man if you get to it. I think kids are 8, so it's a little bit more, but the audience is casual, kids are welcome. They do a pretty good job!

Jenn said...

that is SO great Michelle! You are such a good mommy:):):)