Monday, April 27, 2009

I Survived Chuck E. Cheese and got This Cute Picture as a Reward

William is out of town so my dad, currently known as the best grandpa in the Universe by the short people around here, took us all to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time tonight. Yes, I have managed to escape the chaos that is that fun-spot until now. The kids had a fabulous time and as tired as I am now it really was fun. I don't really need to repeat it any time soon though. I am very happy with this "sketch" That Chuck E. did for us. I think I look much better with no neck at all. Thanks dad, it was a blast!

On slightly different note a fellow blogger, browneyedsue, recognized us and said hello. It was the first time I have met one of my blogging buddies in real life like that. It was so fun! She totally made my day. I have always wondered if it would be weird to run into one of my blogging friends in "real life". But it was just so fun to meet her. So if you see me out and about feel free to tap me on the shoulder and ask say hello!


Circe said...

Hey, I survived Chuck E. Cheese today too! I was only dropping off and picking up, though. I missed all the fun of Ari's friend's birthday party. Freestone claims he's going there for his. Kids love that place!

vivian said...

I havent been to chuckie cheese in about 17 years! it was a wild adventure back then too! taking 4 children was just plain craziness! but they loved it!
hey.. I left an award for you at my blog.. (please do not feel obligated to post it! )