Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Mom on the Ledge

Don't you wish this woman was your mother? Too bad she is mine! My mom has an amazing talent for decorating and any arrangement of furniture, pictures or ledge arrangements is probably due to here. She came over yesterday and helped me with the little ledge. Oh, and she doesn't know I took that picture of her risking her life to arrange my lovely vintage I-spy. I am sure I will be grounded when she finds out.

This is the sort of thing she can do! I really think it is like my own I-Spy. How many hats can you see? Can you find my great-grandmother's iron?
Of course I think it is only fair to reveal the mess that is required. We have to be able to see all the choices. It gets a little messy. But man is it worth it!
Thanks Mom!


craftydiane said...

Love the ledge! But I have to ask, do you have to climb the ladder every time you want to turn that lamp on or off? LOL

michelle said...

Believe it or not there is a plug up there and a switch down here that works it. Clever huh?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Your mother is so awesome! I am so glad she didn't fall! I had the same question about the lamp. That is very clever! :)