Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lunch with my Girls and Cupcakes

Today was a nearly perfect day. A couple of my favorite girlfriends came for lunch and to see the new house. This means I got a clean house, lots of good talk and dessert. Company definitely warrants a good treat so it was a good excuse to make some cupcakes. I tried to make them a bit more sophisticated by adding orange zest and strawberries but who was I kidding? I personally wanted the ones with the sprinkles. It did make me think maybe I would share my favorite frosting tip. You take a small package of instant pudding, mix it with a little milk and then whip in a large tub of Cool Whip. It makes a nice light, not too sweet frosting. I wish all days could be like today and include lunch, friends, a clean house and a little crafting at the end. It would have been perfect if our fourth friend hadn't had a sick baby and had to stay home. Next time Tif!

Oh, and this is how I got the house clean and lunch ready. Thanks for the Kipper tip Tif, Josh loved him. Why is it that two-year olds make this face when you take their picture?


Circe said...

Lunch was perfect, down to the last detail. I love your house even more in person than on the blog! Thanks for everything!

vivian said...

that sounds like a perfect day to me! too bad were not closer.. I would have sat in for your fourth friend! (heehee!)
have a sweet weekend!

sws said...

what a wonderful afternoon, wonderful friend, wonderful conversation, delicious meal, perfect little boy....Thank you, thank you!! Your home is inspiring!

Christine said...

Sounds like a perfect day..I miss having movie nights with my friends back in CA..I like the idea of having cupcakes and sitting and chatting:)