Monday, June 15, 2009

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and Chicken Fingers

It was a big day a couple of weeks ago when I read this post from Ree and thought I could modify it to be gluten-free. I have tried for years to replicate the kind of chicken you get from Kentucky-Fried Chicken. Granted it is not the most healthy choice possible but sometimes a person (read Husband) has a craving. Turns out the magic ingredient is buttermilk and the method Ree uses of mixing a little buttermilk into the flour mixture to make it a little crumbly. Seriously, like magic! I did however dredge mine in the flour mixture, them beaten egg, then back in the flour mix. I used rice flour instead of wheat flour.
Her recipe is for chicken fingers and I have made those too. The whole family really loved them. Thank you so much Ree! You have changed our Chicken-eating World!


vivian said...

mmmm... love fried chicken! second blog this morning featuring a chicken dish! I'm thinking I may need to take some chicken out for tonights dinner!
have a great day!

Circe said...

Would you please stop making me hungry while my stomach is so crowded and I'm so lazy?!? Looks delicious!

The Vintage Sister said...

Yummm! They look good. I guess this means I actually have to cook them? Darn!