Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiny Ballerina

I made a great discovery this last week. I found myself in need of a little gift for my ballerina the night before her recital. I wanted to make a little doll but I had to make do with materials I had on hand (since it was after 10pm!). I wanted a clothespin doll but I only had the small headed ones. I was thinking why not add sculpey clay. We had made clothespin dolls with matchstick arms and I thought that might work too. So I hot-glued arms on and then covered them with sculpey clay and shaped the bodice. I added clay to the head until it was the shape I wanted. Then I cooked the whole thing like it says in the directions. I really thought the whole thing would fall apart when the oven melted the hot glue. But it didn't! So now I am really excited to make other dolls this way.

She is dressed to model Brittany's costume this year. I painted stripes on a little box I had and added pretty paper too. The scary thing is to contemplate the craft stash I have on hand that I had everything I needed make her isn't it?
Do you think she looks like Miss Brittany?


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! You should sell them!

Katy said...

oh that is so adorable! You should sell them for sure!

vivian said...

sweet michelle! she is prefect for your daughter! I use super sculpey for lots of stuff!
I hope the recital went perfectly well!

The Vintage Sister said...

Too cute! She looks just like the real thing...maybe not as cute as the real thing but that's probably impossible, right?
Yes, it's amazing the things we find in our craft stash. If only my pantry was so well equipped!
Great job Michelle! Can't wait to see more.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You are truly AMAZING! I wish I could have been there when Brittany opened it! It looks just like her. So darling! How fun! Can I have one, even though I'm not a ballerina. It would be fun to make one with Rachel!


Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

Just lovely! Be sure to stop by for some treats!

love.boxes said...


Gail :) said...

What a cutie! The doll and Brittany! Sweet gift to remember a great time :)

Jen said...

It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole before life goes back to mundane!