Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joshua's Birthday Party

Josh had such a fun birthday I just had to blog it, since blogging seems to have replaced scrapbooking for me lately and this may be the only record we are left with.
We all went into Salt Lake for the Chalk Festival that was sponsered by the Foster Care Society.

Could there be a more perfect subject?

So sad these didn't last long, it rained buckets in the afternoon.

Brittany and Matthew put on a birthday puppet show for him.
Joshua had a party with cousins that included lots of face painting at Grandma's house.

Here he is with his puppy cake, which he loved. He had no problem eating it though. It was a good day to be three!


love.boxes said...

That is the cutest cake ever!

Anonymous said...

Very cute cake! Fun chalk pictures! How fun!


Anonymous said...

Cute cousins picture, especially Josh!


Gail :) said...

Cute Puppy Cake! I love it! Oh and the chalk pictures are great!