Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Today is my last day ever as the mom of a two year old. I really am very sad. The only thing making it better is that three year olds are so funny. I love they stuff they come up with, Josh is going to be a great three year old. I can't believe we have had him three years.

When he was born Matthew was in a big Batman phase and insisted his brother needed a batman suit to come home from the hospital in. Do you think you can find such a think in a newbor size? So what did I do? Of course I dyed a little nightgown and appliqued a Batman sign on it. I can't say it was the softest thing ever but it did make for some cute pictures.

As you can see Josh was my last and my biggest baby but oh, so sweet! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?
Look at him now.

We went to the park yesterday in an attempt to take a new picture for Father's Day.

Here is my big, big boy. These pictures make me realize how grown up he really is.

We love you so much Josh, and are so grateful to have your funny, smart, bossy little person in our family. Hope you have fun tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Josh is so cute! Nice picture of you and Josh. I hope you have a happy birthday, Josh!


Circe said...

Oh, yes, you have some June birthdays too! Happy birthday to little Josh. He is such an adorable little guy. Xanthe loved all the pictures when I showed her. My fave is the newborn Batman outfit! Love it!

i cant sew said...

happy birthday to josh!!!!! our 'baby' turns three in 12 more sleeps.
your baby boy is so cute, hope you enjoy fathers day.

Jenn said...

oooh Happy belated birthday Josh! what a good momma you are...creating a special batman suit for him to come home in!!! SO cute:):) He is darling...then and now:)