Saturday, June 13, 2009

Parade of Homes

Yesterday I went to the local Parade of Homes show with my parents and William. It was such a great day. We love this particular parade, it is always has several houses that are just over the top out of the realm of reality but that is what makes it so fun. Just in case you don't have a Parade of Homes where you are I thought I would share some of mine. Oh, and if you are not familiar with the idea, a parade of homes is an event where about twenty different builders build a spectacular home, decorators come in and decorate and I come along and pay my $10 so I can gawk at it all. Good fun.
This was one of our favorites. Let me show you a little bit of the inside.
I love this idea. A window seat with no window required. I am hoping William will use this idea when we finish the basement and put it in Brittany's room. That actually is part of the fun of these home shows. As crazy elaborate as they are it we usually find a few things we can implement in our own house.
This just might have been my favorite thing I saw. They used a darling reproduction screen door as the door to the walk in closet! As you can tell I was so excited the picture is a bit out of focus. It was so adorable though. Oh, and you can see a bit of the great stained glass they had in the house too.
This was one of two darling playhouses they had out in the backyard.
There were several others that had great features too. I loved this tin ceiling.
These is just the outside pool house belonging to the same house. It had a gorgeous infinity pool (apparently that is what the disappearing edge at the top of the picture is called.)
It was full of glorious stained glass.
What little girl wouldn't love a Cinderella room?
Now I am really in the mood to finish the decorating projects we still have left undone.


Sandy said...

Those are all beautiful!! I love going to those parade of homes but always want to come home and completely change my house around.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...



Danita said...

I'm sure it was worth the 10.00!!

love.boxes said...

The screen door thing is my favorite! I actually would love one of those on the front door though.. it would be so nice to let the breezes blow through on a hot afternoon.