Friday, March 27, 2009

The Kids Rooms

This week I have been working on getting the kids rooms together.
Here is Brittany's before. She had a cute quilt, but it was getting a bit ratty.
I found her a new quilt and made new curtains. You can't really see how cute they are, the sun was really quite bright coming in today.
I am so much happier now that I have some pictures hung on the walls!
The lucky girl is now the proud owner of some of my favorite blog friends' work Miss Vanessa's and Miss Emily's. I am thinking that when we move her to the basement I will get this room and then I can enjoy them too. I wanted the frames to be a soft sort of whitewashed pink. It took me more coats than I can count to get them right.
Matthew is in the bonus room for now, that means he doesn't have a closet so he shares with Josh. It would never work with girls but isn't too bad with boys. This was his before.
His comfortor was really old too and I wanted more color in here. He has a terrible desire to tape his wonderful artwork to walls so I am hoping that board will work for him instead.
He wanted these posters from the book fair so badly. They are really bright and colorful so I decided if I framed them they would be okay. He loves them.
It is really hard to photograph a room. I am starting to feel the urge for a better camera too. That feel so disloyal though, I have loved my old one and it has served me so well. Anyway, we are getting there. Now if we can just get the blinds ordered!


sws said...

wonderful work! Both rooms are darling.

Jennie said...

Everthing looks so cute. It is really coming together. When you are done, you can stop by my house. I've only been here two years and still have almost all of the rooms to yet complete. Hmpf! I need some of your creative power. Too bad that is one thing I can't download. :) Have a good wknd.

Circe said...

I love both rooms, but I have to say that the framed car posters are my favorite part! They look great, and for cheap, too! you sure have a knack. Pease come over here and help me finish the upstairs. We're over butterflies, now that the kids have finished the artwork. Now Ari wants Hawaiian. I know you can help with that! She came home from a garage sale with 100 plastic leis. Not the direction I wanted to go!