Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More food!

I guess it is just going to be that kind of week. I saw this over on killthegluten (used your picture Liz!) and at Sandy's, it just looked so summery I had to try it. It is so good with corn chips. I am eating it as I type! I sort of combined the two recipes. I didn't have avocado and put in twice as much tomato, cause well it's that time of year and I used Liz's dressing but used the vidallia onion like Sandy. It is so yummy! So go try it, you will need to scroll down about half way over on kill the gluten because I am not high-tech enough to send you to the exact right spot, but that is okay because then you can check out their other yummy stuff Liz and Melanie have over there. Even if you don't have issues with gluten!


Liz said...

I haven't tried this one yet, so I have to clarify it's Melanie's recipe and photo. But I need to get on the ball and try it already!
Thanks for sharing the love!


michelle said...

Thank you Melanie!!

wishcake said...

Okay, weird question: what is gluten? Do you avoid it due to it being bad for you, or because of an allergy?

(You'd think I would have heard of it at some point in my life, but I have not...odd...)