Thursday, March 13, 2008

More dolls and a teaser
I finished a couple more dolls for a sweet lady who has ordered them for Easter. She asked for a set in purple. They aren't quite as purple as they look in this photo!

And she had a really great idea to make a set of Easter eggs. I had a remarkably hard time deciding what colors and patterns these should be.

And really quick here are some wrinkled samples of things to come. After my sale last week I really didn't think I would make more dolls for awhile. But the pink haired girl was rather popular. I don't think I had sold that type before and now I want to make some more pinkies. Then I made the mistake of going into the one really good fabric store in town. It is a quilting shop, and if you sew, you know they have the yummiest fabrics around as a general rule. I couldn't resist buying more fabric. Won't these make the cutest girls? Some with black hair and some with pink?

But not until after Easter and the nesting doll phase I am in has passed!


love.boxes said...

Michelle, those dolls are sooo cutie patutie! Love the colors!

And.. that fabric is soooo divine. Better make some new dolls with dresses or pretty pillows or something! I can't wait to see what!

The Motherboard said...

I have a confession to make: It's widely known that I have ZERO sewing skills... yet I have this very weird obsession with fabric. I LOVE to look at it, and I will buy fabric but have absolutely NO idea what I am going to do with it. You should see the box of fabric I have been carting around with me... pathetic really. I LOVE that fabric!
I wish I hadn't just learned that little tid-bit about the quilting shops and darling fabric... now I am going to have to go find me a quilting shop to stalk! :>

Shakadal said...

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Natasha Burns said...

Oh the pink hair was cute, I just checked it out, I think you'll do well making more of those!
Love the little nesting dolls, they are so sweet Michelle!

A Fanciful twist said...

I looooooooove them!! Oh Michelle they are more than special!! Loooove! And those fabrics!! Too fun!! Happy Weekend! xxo

Jenn said...

Michelle...I loooove those fabrics!!! I'm drooling over both!!! Your nesting dolls are the best! And the eggs are brilliant:):) The kids look so cute having fun outside in your last post! Hope you guys have a great weekend!! xoxo...jenn

Circe said...

Cute, cute, but not as cute as the pictures of your kids! They are adorable!