Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yummy Lemon Chicken!

This is one of my new favorite recipes! It started with a recipe my friend Tif's Sister-in-law's recipe for lemon chicken. I think she got it from Rachael Ray. It called for lemon curd which makes it really easy. The problem is lemon curd can be kind of hard to find. And sort of expensive in these parts. So I figured out how to make my own lemon curd. It wasn't hard because lemon curd is basically the lemony part of lemon bars. We love this recipe because I think of the crispy chicken and the yummy sauce which basically make it okay to eat dessert for dinner!

2-3 Chicken breast cut into small chunks. Salt and pepper chicken. Dip in egg, then in cornstarch. You can dip in flour but we use cornstarch because it is gluten-free and it doesn't seem to soak up the oil as much. Heat enough oil in a small sauce pan to cover the bottom about a half inch. Brown chicken chunks in the oil and then remove. I sometimes do this part in advance. Of course the last time I tried doing this Mr. Mathew snuck into my fridge and nippled his way a quarter of the way through my chicken!

If you don't want to buy the lemon curd this is how I make it. In a saucepan I combine 1 cup sugar, 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 eggs. I cook it about 8-10 minutes over a pretty low heat, it will scorch easily, until it thickens a bit. Then I add 2 teaspoons of cornstarch to about a tablespoon of cold water and stir that in until it thickens more. This part can be done ahead also.

Then just before we are ready to eat I heat a tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan, add the chicken to reheat if I made it ahead. Remove that to a plate for just a minute while I add about a tablespoon of vinegar to the pan and then the lemon curd. Add the chicken back in and heat it all together, but really lower the heat because that sauce will scorch so easily. Serve over rice. A little green onion garnish on top looks nice but my kids won't eat it! This make really good leftovers except there usually aren't any!


Circe said...

Oh, that looks so good, I HAVE to try it!

vivian said...

wow! this looks delicious! I'm goign to try it! actually took chicken out for tonights dinner.. maybe we'll try it today!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

My mouth is watering! Thanks for the recipe, I'm always trying to think of new things to make that my kids will try!

Krissysart said...

Yummy! Sounds pretty easy, too. Thanks for sharing your dinner with us!

quiltdude said...

Now I'm really hungry. That just looks so scrummy. Lemon curd is so easy to buy in the UK I'd never even thought of making my own, but I bet yours tastes a whole lot nicer than shop bought.Will try that meal one night I think.

liz said...


Camille said...

Mmmm... This does look yummy. I don't know if I've told you, but I try a lot of these recipes you post and they are always a big hit at my house. We love your french bread. I tried those cereal treats around Halloween, and I made up 2 batches of your chocolate chip cookies for my kids to sell at our neighborhood garage sale. They made $20.00 in 2 hours Friday afternoon and I'm sure they made at least that much the next day, but I never got a count before they spent it.... That's a funny story. It could be it's own blog post. But, I'm glad you post all these great recipes and the pictures help people like me who need a visual! Thanks!